Thursday 12 March 2009

Progrees at Dye-Timo

Manufacture of the remaining equipment for the pilot plant for Dyesol-Timo, the Korean joint venture between Dyesol Limited and Timo Technology Co., Ltd, is underway in the Australian factory of Dyesol Limited. Confirmed funding for the equipment comes from the JV and the order exceeds A$500,000 for the supply of equipment and associated services. Dyesol will assist in the commissioning of the total prototype production facility on delivery of this equipment. In addition to the equipment expansion, support provided by the Korean Government allows the addition of seven new technical staff to the team.

This is an important step for Dyesol-Timo, and will accelerate the completion of the product development phase. The additional equipment supplements the existing facilities of Dyesol-Timo, allowing sufficient production capability to finalise product and line design and move the technology towards volume manufacture. Products from the pilot line will be used for test bedding, and evaluation for selected applications. The pilot line will provide the basis for a future larger scale manufacturing facility for selected products resulting from the current development phase.

Renewable energy is an important component of the Technology Development Programme under the auspices of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy of the Korean Government. This progressive step in Korea is an indication of the demand that exists recognising DSC technology as an increasingly important contributor to the solar photovoltaic industry. Continuing research and development by Dyesol in Australia, and with partners in Europe and Asia, cements the Dyesol Group as a leader in the field of DSC technology.

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